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This is going to be our meeting place. We are going to do lots of work here. We are going to read, write, share our opinions, comment on each other’s work, watch, listen and do many other things.

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Unit 9 Content Quiz

What is the difference between euthanasia and suicide?

Write a maximum of 50 words. You can use the ideas below to help you.

*doctors        *public support      *terminal illness      *legal in some countries       *rules


Unit 7 Input 2- Disadvantages of Dams

Dear all,dam

Using the cause&effect chart thet we completed after the listening about the disadvantages of dams, write a summary of the lecture here.

Answer these questions to write your summary.

What are dams?(answer this following the CCC pattern) What are two negative effects of dams?

Deadline; 3rd, December by 17:00.

Unit 5 Content Quiz

Dear all,

You can write your paragraphs here. As a reminder I’m pasting the tasks here.

  1. How did the Norman Conquest increase the number of words in the English Language? You may use the prompts to structure your answer. Your answer should be between 35 and 45 words.
  • Normans/French  English / Anglo Saxon
  • More words/ one thing   cow/beef
  • Formal/French  informal/ Anglo Saxon
  • Large vocabulary
  1. How was England more developed than Australia at the end of the 18th century? Name two differences. You may use information from the text below to help you. Your answer should be between 35 and 45 words.

At the end of the 18th century Britain was a small, but powerful island which was experiencing an industrial revolution and rapid population growth. Therefore, it needed to increase its contact with non-European countries by founding an empire, for several reasons. Firstly, Britain needed to find cheap sources of material such as cotton, wood and metal so that it could make products in its factories.  For examples, Britain brought cheap supplies of cotton from India and made clothes with it. Secondly, Britain needed a market to sell its finished products such as clothes, guns and ships. Thirdly, it needed more space because British cities were becoming overcrowded and there was no where to put unwanted people such as criminals. Therefore, in 1787 Britain sent ships full of criminals to Australia which they used as an open air prison.

In 1787 Australia was a new colony with few Europeans in it.  Australia was undeveloped as it was inhabited by the Koori people who did not farm and did not live in villages. Australia was slow to develop for several reasons. Firstly, the Europeans who went to Australia at the end of the 18th century were uneducated and could not read or write. Secondly, the population of the new colony was very small and thirdly, Australia was far away from Europe and far away from international trade routes.

Deadline: 12th, November, 2010 by 17:00

After viewing “Coming of Age” documentary

Dear all,

Please answer the following questions about the documentary we watched in class in thee form of a PARAGRAPH.

You can watch it again from the IC website. To do this visit IC ( Bilgi Merkezi)—reserve-e-reserve- Ders adı- Basic- Coming of Age.

After Viewing

1.      What do Cheng Lu and Nur’s parents want for their children?

2.      Why does Alpak’s father want to teach Alpak how to hunt?

3.      What does Andre want for Russia?

4.      Which teenagers have the most support from their parents? Which teenagers have the least support form their parents? How does this affect their behaviour?

5.      In what way are the lives of these children similar to those of Turkish teenagers? In what way are they different?

Deadline: 17th October 2010